Thesaurus Term/Concept: TEST PIT

Identifier 145172
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Systematically positioned hole, or holes, utilised in all studies that aim to sample the nature of the topsoil and subsurface deposits.

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Context Record
Event Type EYO182 1-1A Low Ousegate (WATCHING BRIEF)
Event Type EYO388 Council Depot, Foss Islands Roads (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4654 Heslington East Area A3 (Fields 8 and 9) (EXCAVATION)
Event Type EYO4727 Manor Lane, Rawcliffe, York (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO174 NCP Car Park, 64-74 Skeldergate (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO544 Rawcliffe Manor (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO5892 Test Pits Lord Deramores School University of York and School (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4780 Test-pit 30 Acomb Road (EVALUATION)