Thesaurus Term/Concept: INHUMATION CEMETERY

Identifier 70060
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area used for the deposition of human remains where the principal funeral rite is the burial of the corpse complete. Generally indicated by the discovery of articulated human skeletal remains, occasionally with evidence of coffins and/or grave goods.

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Context Record
Monument Type MYO2201 All Saints Peaseholme Green (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4057 Anglo-Scandinavian cemetery, York Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3769 Cemetery of St Helen Fishergate (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3888 Clarence Street Gardens/ Haxby Road Roman Cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MYO2014 Clementhorpe Nunnery (St Clements Priory) (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3624 Clifton Fields Roman cremation and inhumation cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3707 Former burial ground located between Parliament Street and Newgate Market (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3681 Inhumation cemetery (part of) (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3621 Roman Cemetery- The Avenue, Clifton (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4056 Roman cemetery, York Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MYO2010 York Railway Station Roman Cemetery (Monument)