Thesaurus Term/Concept: BRIDGE

Identifier 70214
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A structure of wood, stone, iron, brick or concrete, etc, with one or more intervals under it to span a river or other space. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MYO4592 HOLGATE BRIDGE (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4801 Old Ouse Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO303 Castle Mills Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO474 Elvington Bridge or Sutton Bridge (Building)
Monument Type MYO307 Foss Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO1963 Kexby Old Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO1303 LENDAL BRIDGE, East Lodge, Tollhouses (Building)
Monument Type MYO315 Monk Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4171 Possible site of Roman bridge across Ouse (Monument)
Monument Type MYO1947 STRENSALL BRIDGE (Building)
Monument Type MYO4709 Tang Hall Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5067 York Castle (Monument)