Thesaurus Term/Concept: VILLA

Identifier 68653
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A term for a type of house, with varying definitions according to period. Roman villas were high-status and usually associated with a rural estate, whereas Georgian and later period villas were often semi-detached, town houses.

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Context Record
Monument Type MYO1422 108 Heworth Green (Wynstay) (Building)
Monument Type MYO4026 Ashfield House, York Technical College (Building)
Monument Type MYO4050 Beechwood House, Fulford Road (Building)
Monument Type MYO3697 Burnholme Working Mens Club (Building)
Monument Type MYO4300 Carlton Tavern/West Garth (Building)
Monument Type MYO4018 Gimcrack Hotel (Building)
Monument Type MYO4710 Heworth Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4596 Holgate Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3726 Holgate Villa and gardens (demolished) (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4033 Marriott Hotel (Building)
Monument Type MYO2000 MILL MOUNT LODGE (Building)
Monument Type MYO3725 North Lodge villa and gardens (demolished) (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4208 Peckitt Street (Building)
Monument Type MYO3629 Roman mosaic pavement, Front Street Acomb (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4085 Rose Villa, Heslington (Building)
Monument Type MYO4149 Rufforth Hall, End Hessay Lane (Building)
Monument Type MYO4031 Springbank, 128 Tadcaster Road (Building)
Monument Type MYO4299 West Huntington Hall (Building)