Thesaurus Term/Concept: AIR RAID SHELTER

Identifier 68810
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A fortified structure used to protect civilians and military personnel from enemy bombing.

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Context Record
Monument Type MYO5232 Air Raid Shelter, City Wall Rampart, Station Rise (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5114 Air Raid Shelter, Rufforth Airfield (Monument)
Monument Type MYO2173 Air Raid Shelter, Shipton Rd (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4376 Air Raid Shelter, The Mount (Monument)
Monument Type MYO4076 Former WWll Air Raid Shelter Albemarle Rd (Building)
Monument Type MYO5236 Public Air Raid Shelter, Baille Hill Terrace (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5242 Public Air Raid Shelter, east of Robin Hood's Tower (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5237 Public Air Raid Shelter, junction of Dewsbury Terrace and Lower Priory Street (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5239 Public Air Raid Shelter, Lendal Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5241 Public Air Raid Shelter, Library Lawn (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5243 Public Air Raid Shelter, north of the Red Tower (Monument)
Monument Type MYO5238 Public Air Raid Shelter, Queen Street (Monument)
Monument Type MYO3703 World War II air raid shelter complex (Monument)