Thesaurus Term/Concept: MANAGEMENT SURVEY

Identifier 145145
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A field and desk based assessment of heritage asset condition and vulnerability so that informed decisions can be made regarding how best to manage the resource.

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Context Record
Event Type EYO7849 1 Little Shambles (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO6086 13 Stonegate (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO6144 41 Micklegate Heritage Statement (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO858 Archaeological Research Framework (OTHER)
Event Type EYO6093 Bootham Park Hospital Heritage Appraisal (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO6451 Castle Mills Piccadilly Deposit Monitoring (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO859 Decay of delicate organic remains in shallow urban deposits: are we at a watershed? (OTHER)
Event Type EYO6433 Micklegate Bar Building Recording (BUILDING RECORDING)
Event Type EYO5624 Mint Yard York (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO6795 Structural Report (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO6556 The Magnet, Osbaldwick Lane (APPRAISAL/ MANAGEMENT PLAN)
Event Type EYO5800 York City Walls Monk Bar Conservation Engineer’s Investigation of Defects (OTHER)
Event Type EYO5910 York Grade II Listed Buildings EH pilot study (OTHER)
Event Type EYO4301 York Minster Quinquennial Inspection (OTHER)