Thesaurus Term/Concept: AUGER SURVEY

Identifier 145111
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Transect or area-based arrangements of drilled auger-holes used to describe deposits and collect samples.

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Context Record
Event Type EYO6458 Archaeological Evaluation (Auger Survey) land at Moor Lane ST10 (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO5877 Fulford Battlefield Ford Excavation (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4949 Germany Beck Ditches and Dike Soil Samples (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4951 Germany Beck Moraine 01/02/2005 (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4964 Germany Beck Moraine 27/02/2005 (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO5024 Germany Beck Old Ford Area (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO5026 Germany Beck Transect Across Fulford Ings (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4975 Germany Beck Village Green 31/03/2004 (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO4968 Germany Beck Village Green B (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO5025 Germany Beck Walmgate Stray (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO393 Henley’s garage, Stonebow (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO2292 Jewbury (DEPOSIT MODEL)
Event Type EYO378 Lendal Tower (EVALUATION)
Event Type EYO1963 Lloyds Bank Pavement (DEPOSIT MODEL)